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I 'm humbled at this opportunity to return to the Reserve and Military Personnel Directorate to be your director. As a former Great Lakes sector commander, I have deep appreciation of the value of the Reserve. Whether playing the role of supported commander during the annual Operation Summerstock or the supporting commander for surge operations across our great nation and beyond—a vibrant and strong Reserve is an essential element of Coast Guard mission success. I can't help but feel that it's appropriate I come into this job at the same time as the World Cup! As a long-time player and coach, I know how critical it is for winning teams to have a strong bench. The Reserve, in many ways, acts as a "ready bench" when the Coast Guard, and our nation needs it most. One needs only to look back to our last hurricane season to see how valuable the Reserve is to carrying out Coast Guard missions. To achieve and maintain this state of readiness, we must continue to focus on: Building criterion, processes and systems that will identify the right mix of skills to retain in the Reserve, and Robustly supporting the training and management of that properly apportioned force. This approach aligns with our new commandant's guiding principles, which call for our service to be Ready, Relevant and Responsive. I would offer that the commandant was sending a message of support to the Reserve, as one of our most important charges is to maintain a high degree of readiness, in relevant competencies, necessary to respond to all hazards within 48 hours. The future of the Reserve is bright, and I'm proud to be a part of it. Look no further than the new Reserve Component Policy Statement released by the commandant. We are contingency-based and focused on the mission needs of the Coast Guard within four prioritized focus areas with defense operations as our top priority. A contingency-based workforce requires a strong understanding of contingency requirements at the Area-level, and we are actively engaged with the Deputy Commandant for Operations (DCO) staff to include these requirements in the Force Planning Construct. This may result in changes to the current rating structure within the Reserve allowing us to free up positions for higher priority needs. What it will be is scientific and repeatable, so we can take comfort in knowing the decisions made are conscious and intentional, based on the best data available. Another significant milestone in improving Reserve management was the kickoff of the Reserve Governance Integrated Project Team (IPT) earlier this year. This team will be reviewing Headquarters governance processes and make recommendations that will allow the Reserve to field the most effective and relevant Reserve force in Coast Guard history. The team has robust participation from both the active and reserve components and will provide proposed courses of action to the commandant no later than Oct. 15, so stand by for valuable feedback! As I mentioned, the commandant's strategic direction is for the Coast Guard to be Ready, Relevant and Responsive as a service. If the Reserve has proven anything over the past 77 years, it's that we are always ALL THREE of these things. Last year's hurricane season proved this to be true once again, and I know that you are all standing ready for another potentially busy season. With that in mind, the time is now for everyone to check their readiness. I am excited about the direction we're headed in, as a service and as the Reserve component. I look forward to serving and supporting you as your director. We're a versatile team with a depth of experience and passion for service surpassed by none, and I pledge to you my strongest efforts to bring forward the policies and resources worthy of the Coast Guard Reserve. Semper Paratus. RESERVIST MAGAZINE THE VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE "...the commandant's strategic direction is for the Coast Guard to be Ready, Relevant and Responsive as a service. If the Reserve has proven anything over the past 77 years, it's that we're always ALL THREE of these things." Rear Adm. Matthew W. Sibley Acting Director, Coast Guard Reserve 6 RESERVIST � Issue 3 • 2018

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