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Retirement List RET-1 (With Pay) JUNE 2008 BM1 Donald Wing NOVEMBER 2016 LT George Self MAY 2017 BM2 Timothy Holmes JANUARY 2018 CAPT Scott Schaefer MARCH 2018 MEC James Lanigan APRIL 2018 CDR James Wallace ENG3 John Innaimo BMCM John Marschhauser BMCS Peter Steele EMC Randy Haynes HSC Douglas Wetzstein SKC Helen Walden YNC Sherry Sloan EM1 Richard Rosa MK1 William Hoffken MAY 2018 CAPT Roslyn Burbank LCDR Kerry Christopher LCDR John Stanley LCDR Peter Virok BOSN4 James Paton F&S 4 Darden Stanley BMCM Neil Holmdahl BMCS Roger Mathurin PSC Avis Lawrence AMT1 Larry Pressnell EM1 Gregory Olanolan ET1 Jay Fuller MST1 Ed Moroney YN1 Josefina Bryant EM2 Anthony Mazziott MST2 John Cullen June 2018 CDR Mary Zvara LCDR Kenneth Bivens CWO James Warner YNCS Joy Harrison MSTC Mark Togna SKC Loretta VillaVerde ET1 Monica McCormack SK1 Genevieve Panni FS3 Philip Burbank RET-2 (Without Pay) SEPTEMBER 2017 MK2 Cesar H. Perez APRIL 2018 LT Peter J. Taddeo BMC Aaron J. Insko ITC Michael A. Vasquez MKC Jeremy M. Bovenzi MAY 2018 CDR Mark E. Fisher LCDR Marcus A. Bay LCDR Bret D. Mastronardi BMCS George D. Zitzewitz BMC Mark T. Boivin BMC Lawrence L. Diamco CPO Natalie V. Riley GMC Michael M. Ward MKC Zachary K. Roberson ME1 Larry N. Ambrose GM2 Norvell H. Jenkins JUNE 2018 CDR James B. Bernstein CDR Christopher E. Lee CDR Anna A. Stewart CDR Lisa E. VanBuskirk LCDR Craig M. Filaskia BMCM Patrick K. O'Sullivan DCCM Mark C. Webb MKCM Daniel W. Jensen BMC Kenneth A. McNichols MEC Michael L. Smith YNC Tanya L. Brawner YNC Michael S. Gearhart YNC Brian K. Smith IV1 Joseph F. Graziane — Compiled by YNC Joseph R. McGonagle, USCGR (ret.) "He went to bat for me," said the admiral. "That was my first example of the Reserve culture at the time—they looked out for you." Through his 38-year career with the Coast Guard Reserve, Pelkowski has both experienced and continued the organization's longstanding tradition of taking care of its members by putting people first. Despite being a flag officer, Pelkowski has always recognized the importance of being approachable and thought of as a shipmate by his fellow reservists, in order to remain in-touch with the concerns of the people he can advocate for. "I tell people, 'Please don't think of me as an admiral, just think of me as a colleague and call my cellphone whenever you want. I don't care if it's two in the morning or it's Fourth of July. It's part of the Coast Guard system. That's what we do for each other." Last January, Lt. Laura Gilbert became the project officer for the admiral's retirement. She said he was one of the most engaging leaders she'd ever worked with. "When he was in the office drilling, he always had a couple mentoring sessions scheduled," said Gilbert. "He took it very seriously and made career counseling a priority." Gilbert recounted her impression of Pelkowski's best leadership trait that promoted the people culture. "It's his ability to empower his people," said Gilbert. "He allowed me to do my job. His willingness to trust my judgment and listen to what I had to say really set the bar and created a work environment that I was proud to be a part of." Pelkowski has a first-hand understanding of how crucial family and employer support is to a member's success in the Reserve. He has benefited from an accommodating civilian employer and great friendships. Pelkowski gives special credit to the enduring encouragement of his family, which enabled him to pursue his passion for service in the Coast Guard. "My kids' attitudes were a really big part of me being able to put a lot of time and effort into my Coast Guard Reserve work." As Pelkowski prepares to leave the Coast Guard and chart a new course, he offered advice to future leaders: "Work hard, show initiative, and focus on operational competence early in your career. The leadership and management will come naturally," said Pelkowski. "If you do those things, it's my opinion that there will be many, many people within the Coast Guard who will help you along the way." � – Story by Petty Officer 3rd Class Michael White PADET New York Issue 3 • 2018 � RESERVIST 41

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