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service history was read aloud to the crowd of people in attendance that evening. He played true, not missing a note, and represented our service proudly. Lt. Cmdr. Stoud is a member of several organizations that provide live buglers for military funerals and the like. I imagine there are numerous others who represent the Coast Guard in such fashion and their efforts deserve recognition. Cmdr. William J. Kintz Coast Guard Cyber Command Thanks, Commander. I imagine our readers would agree with you, and I got in touch with Mr. Stoud, who served in the Coast Guard for 23 years. He said he started playing taps in 2002, five years before he retired. In 2009, he auditioned for Bugles Across America, an organization that aims to replace recordings of taps at military funerals with live musicians. Since then, he's played live taps for all branches of the service, as well as the 150th anniversary of taps, the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's death and, most recently, on the Fourth of July at Berkley Plantation in Virginia, the place where taps was composed. "Taps is the emotional peak of a funeral ceremony," he said. "I get to honor our veterans' service, and I get to represent my service in uniform." Bravo Zulu, Commander. You make us proud. When we saw our former magazine editor, Jeff Smith, at the MCPO- CGR change of watch in May, he and his wife Marilyn told us about their upcoming 'bucket list' trip to Europe. In early June they flew to Budapest and began a two-week journey, visiting Hungry, Austria, Germany, France and Spain. The first week was spent cruising east to west on the beautiful and historic Danube River visiting ancient castles and abbies along the way. Disembarking in Nuremberg, they travelled by high-speed train to Paris. There, they picked up a rental car and spent the next seven days traveling through France. Their first destination to the birthplace of Jeff's paternal grandmother. Born in Bellocq, France, she migrated to the U.S. through Ellis Island in the early 1900s. "The feeling I had walking the streets in the tiny village where my grandmother was born and grew to adulthood is difficult to put into words," Jeff said. "In one sense, it was like going back in time, as it appears not that much has changed since she was there." Following a side trip to the fabulous port city of San Sebastián on the north coast of Spain, the Smiths returned to northern France, spending time in Paris. They also traveled along the Normandy coast, including stops at Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery, as well as the village of Sainte Mere-Eglise where the 82nd and 101st Airborne landed June 6, 1944. "Standing at Omaha Beach and looking west to Pointe du Hoc, where the 2nd Ranger Division scaled 100 foot vertical cliffs," said Jeff, "it was hard to imagine the determination and raw courage required to break through the German defenses." "So, river cruise, check. Paris, check. Normandy, check. Grandmother's birthplace, check. Bonus visit to Spain, check. Plan next trip, check." You're living the life, Jeff. Anime es bonus , indeed. BUCKET LIST CHRONICLES Issue 3 • 2018 � RESERVIST 3

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