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RESERVIST MAGAZINE THE MORE YOU KNOW The Importance of Mentoring I was recently selected to be a part of the Recruit Company Mentor Program at Training Center Cape May, N.J. With 27 years in the Reserve, starting as a seaman recruit and rising through the ranks to ultimately serve as a commander, I knew I could offer some advice about way forward while providing key tips for success. I met up with 21 members who were successfully completing the Direct Enlisted Petty Officer Training (DEPOT) program, and I was honored to speak at their graduation ceremony. This ceremony was a celebration of some important traits demonstrated by these new members—traits that included, among others, commitment, dedication and perseverance. The mere fact that these members had made it through DEPOT showed their commitment to the training program, to becoming leaders and to service. Not only commitment to service in the Coast Guard, but a commitment to serving this nation. They dedicated their time, sacrificed by being away from their family and friends, and dedicated their lives to one of the most fulfilling aspects of their career. They showed their willingness to persevere. This not only includes perseverance to successfully completing something they started but perseverance to thrive and excel. Anything is possible if you take the initiative and stay on track to reach your Coast Guard career goals. Some of these goals will be set for them based on the ratings they chose, but most are the goals they have or will set for themselves. I was grateful for the opportunity to return to Cape May to talk to some of the newest members. I remember when I was much younger, and much better looking, stepping off the bus in 1991 with company commanders yelling at me, confused about where I was going and what to do next. I discovered things about myself I didn't know I was capable of doing, and I found a path in life that gave me direction and purpose. I hope that DEPOT will do the same thing for these members. One of the greatest things about this organization is that it gives people at all levels the opportunity to lead. Most of the 21 graduates would enter the Coast Guard as petty officers, which translates to instant leaders. Being a leader in the Coast Guard comes with great responsibility, so I reminded them to make sure they continue to show commitment, dedication and perseverance by inspiring others and helping to mold the next generation of Coast Guard members. I once read that true leadership lies in guiding others to success, in ensuring that everyone is performing at their best, doing the work they are pledged to do and doing it well. I encourage everyone, especially those with many years of experience, to look for ways to mentor junior personnel. Mentoring others provides a great opportunity to pass on your experiences to help others avoid pitfalls and put them on the path toward success. You can have a sense of pride in knowing that you are helping to help make the Coast Guard a place where people will want to work and excel for years to come. � — Story by Cmdr. Kevin M. Tyrrell Senior Reserve Officer, Base New Orleans Cmdr. Tyrrell enlisted in the Coast Guard in 1991 and attended Reserve Officer Candidate Indoctrination in 2000. In his civilian career, he currently serves as an assistant special agent in charge for Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in Miami, overseeing the financial crimes division. Cmdr. Kevin M. Tyrrell Lt. Stephen Graff shakes the hand of a graduate during the graduation ceremony for members of the Direct Entry Petty Officer Training class 03-18, at Coast Guard Training Center Cape May, N.J. Graff volunteered to act as the company's mentor during their training and provided them insight on serving in the Coast Guard. Photo by Chief Warrant Officer 2 John Edwards 36 RESERVIST � Issue 3 • 2018

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