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Station Yaquina Bay's reserve crew completes two weeks of active duty, including BTM college Story and photos by Senior Chief Petty Officer Carl Boehmer, Station Yaquina Bay In January, we started planning the boarding team member college with the active duty training staff, the first BTM college for our reservists. The active duty staff worked with Chief Warrant Officer 2 Michael Enright from District 13's mobile training team to set up the one-week course, and active duty from the station, sector, and district joined our six reserve members in the BTM college. To keep on top of all the material, we held nightly study halls to review. "The guys quizzed each other around the table," said Chief Petty Officer Will Proctor, the reserve training petty officer. "They helped each other where they were lacking." In our second week, the reservists transitioned to augmenting the active boat crews for a busy halibut fishing weekend. Reserve crews operating the 29-foot RBS II responded to two search and rescue cases and towed the vessels to safety. Other reservists serving as crew members on the 47-foot motor lifeboat responded to a case involving a vessel disabled at the entrance of the Yaquina Bay bar. Two more lives were saved, and the vessel was towed into safety. The second week also included firearms training and range qualification, all instructed by the Station's active duty staff. By the end of the second week, our reserve crew completed all the required tasks and passed their boards, becoming the first reserve BTMs at Station Yaquina Bay. "I was blessed when I showed up here. I can't take any credit," said the station's commanding officer, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Thomas Molloy. "The way the active duty and reservists collaborate, it's probably the best program you'll see in the Reserve." Station Yaquina Bay is one of only two surf stations with reservists assigned. "Three of my reservists are in GTMO supporting the PSU mission, and they're crushing their underway hours," said Molloy. "The difficulty [in the Pacific Northwest] is that, six months out of the year, the winds and seas are so hard we can't use the RBS, so [our reservists] are becoming qualified on the motor life boat too," he said. The station's reserve training program is successful because of the relationship between the active duty and reserve members, and support from our commanding officer, who promotes the highest level of training to keep us proficient. Above: Members take part in law enforcement training as part of the station's first boarding team member college. Reservists spent their evenings studying as well, leading to the qualification of six new BTMs. Below: Reserve crews from Station Yaquina Bay, Ore., perform boardings during their two weeks of active duty. 10 RESERVIST � Issue 3 • 2018

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