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Operation Summerstock in full swing Story and photos by Chief Petty Officer Jarrod Sadulski, Station Marblehead Station Marblehead, Ohio, is the busiest station in the Great Lakes. As part of Operation Summerstock, we're setting a great example for effective integration of reservists into the daily operations of a small boat station. Here at Station Marblehead, we have four reservists on active duty orders in support of Summerstock. Three members are filling boat coxswain and boarding team roles within the duty sections, and the fourth is the lead boarding officer and a coxswain on the station's newly created law enforcement team, which conducts eight-hour law enforcement patrols throughout the week and averages forty to fifty boardings per week. Through the additional personnel augmenting (by way of the Summerstock program) Station Marblehead's LE team is leading the Great Lakes in law enforcement cases and has been working closely with Coast Guard Investigative Service, the Sector intel staff, and our local and interagency partners to address maritime law enforcement trends that exist in our area. While on patrol July 1, Station Marblehead's LE team responded to a SAR case. Four people without lifejackets were on a canoe that overturned, and two others swam the half a mile out to assist them. The Good Samaritans brought a single lifejacket to the people in the water, until they began to struggle too. The LE team aboard the 45 RBM rescued all six people from the water. We're continuing our busy summer, and already looking forward to doing it again next year. Reserve crewmembers from Station Marblehead, Ohio, responded to a search and rescue case July 1. Four people were rescued from their overturned canoe, as well as two Good Samaritans who attempted to help. Issue 3 • 2018 � RESERVIST 9

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