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Retirement List RET-1 (Retired With Pay) OCTOBER 2016 Cmdr. Martha Maurerjennis Lt. Cmdr. Bryan Cobble Lt. Cmdr. Pedro Mesa MAT4 Kenneth Nagle BMCS Gerard Greer MSTCS Lester Morris SKCS Charles Gandy BMC David McLaughlin HSC Edward Bartels MKC David Rilko MSTC John Crowe MK1 Gary Knox SK1 Linda Rommerdahl SK1 Baron Yankowitz BM2 David Leich MST2 Stephen Flanagan NOVEMBER 2016 Capt. James Gillespie Capt. Rafael Ortiz Cmdr. Paul Piva Lt. Cmdr. James McBride Lt. Cmdr. Brent Spencer MECM James Aziz BMCS Brian Fleming DCCS Michael Kelley FSC John Baney GMC Robert Hollingsworth BM1 Joseph Copley BM1 Nathan Long HS1 Timothy Vorhies IT1 William Ellis OS1 Stephen Sitch MK3 Robert Buchanan RET-2 (Retired Awaiting Pay) OCTOBER 2016 Capt. David M. Gardner Cmdr. Louis J. Luba, Jr. Cmdr. Nicole R. Robertson Cmdr. Jeffrey A. Williams Lt. Cmdr. Thomas M. Holston Lt. Cmdr. Richard J. Lavigne CWO Brendan M. Dolan BMCS Jeffrey J. Lucas BMCS Steven P. McEvoy BMCS Armena L. McNair BMC Ian S. Bucs CMC Kirk D. Murphy ETC Michael H. Barcia ETC Joseph Orecchio ITC Griffith B. Hepner IVC Donald C. Brummitt IVC Peter J. Galley MEC Douglas A. Sosa MEC Charles R. Weaver MKC Anthony V. Baker MKC Timothy F. Waterbury SKC William A. Rein YNC Christopher A. Perkins BM1 Heather A. Toimil BM1 Scott D. Wheaton FS1 Louis J. Vecchione IT1 Errol D. Zappala ME1 Steven M. Ray ME1 Kieran P. Sheehan MK1 John E. Bruns MK1 Michael A. Flippi MST1 Robert C. Hazen MST1 David L. Sousa BM2 David M. Allyn BM2 Brian W. Altimier DC2 Michael D. Angus EM2 Wiley W. Files FS2 Desmond C. Glee GM2 Daniel J. Marinella ME2 Cory C. Bergeron ME2 Tammy M. Ferguson MK2 John W. Bucher MST2 James H. Maynor, III YN2 Leslie E. Lowrie BM3 Shem C. Alleyne BM3 Fotios S. Floros BM3 Nelson R. Reithmaier ME3 Lawrence D. Harnden OS3 Shawn J. Brown NOVEMBER 2016 Cmdr. Benjamin W. Wetherill Lt. Cmdr. Philip E. Mikan CWO Matthew W. Crabtree MKCS Christopher D. Horak HSC Jeremy B. Elrod IVC Thomas G. O'Brien MK1 Troy D. Saltrese — Compiled by YNC Joseph R. McGonagle, USCGR (ret.) Long Serving Captain Retires in Boston Capt. David M. Gardner retired at Coast Guard Base Boston on Saturday, o ctober 15, 2016 after 38 years of service. Gardner enlisted in the U.S. n avy in 1978 and served as a Quartermaster on the USS DWIGHT D. e IS en H o W e R. He enlisted in the Coast Guard Reserve in 1982 and served at Station n ew Haven, Conn., and aboard CGC VIG o R o US, advancing to QM1. He was commissioned at Reserve o fficer Course Indoctrination in 1986. His subsequent afloat and ashore assignments included Coast Guard Cutters TAMAR o A, BL o CK ISLA n D and TAMPA; Atlantic Area/5th District Search & Rescue Mission Controller; Group Hampton Roads Senior Reserve o fficer (SR o ); Chief, Atlantic Area (LA n T) International o ps; LA n T Joint DoD/International e xercise Planner; Deputy Chief, 7th District (x); 1st District Reserve Chief of Staff; and CG SR o , n aval e xpeditionary Combat Command. Capt. Gardner is shown here with 1st District Commander Rear Adm. Daniel Abel, who served as Presiding o fficer at ceremony, and Master Chief Kyle Takakjian, USCGR (ret.) who was a guest speaker. Photo by Mike Dubin, USCG Auxiliary

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