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Wondering whether or not a disaster will occur is a moot point. Disasters will occur, despite our best efforts to prevent them. Our ability to adequately respond when it happens on our watch is what we should be concerned about. To ensure that our Coast Guard team is Semper Paratus for the inevitable, Sector San Diego hosted a three day Incident Command Team workshop and tabletop exercise facilitated by the Incident Management Assist Team (IMAT) from November 30 to December 2, 2016. Participants included over 25 active duty and Reserve members and established a fully staffed Incident Command Post (ICP) to respond to a simulated tug grounding and oil spill off Shelter Island that shut down the Port of San Diego. Interoperability is key to the success of an incident and this exercise tested the integration of active duty and Reserve personnel into a seamlessly combined force. Reservists filled essential ICS Command and General Staff positions including Planning Section Chief, Logistics Section Chief, and Liaison Officer. The Coast Guard has a long history of leading emergency response efforts during and after disasters such as HURRICANE KATRINA, DEEP WATER HORIZON, and the Haitian earthquakes. As the Coast Guard moves further into the 21st century, extensive training including tabletops, drills, and full-scale exercises will be consistently needed to ensure that our members are ready, willing and able to respond to any crisis, across our Nation and abroad. — Submitted by Lt. Brad Bryan and Lt. David Bavencoff, Planning Department, Sector San Diego Lt. Cmdr. e lisabeth Dorrian, a reservist from the PAC-35 Incident Management Response Team, facilitates the Tactics meeting as the Planning Section Chief. Additional Coast Guard reservists participating in the three day ICS tabletop included Lt. Brad Bryan (Sector San Diego), Lt. Kevin Sorrell (Sector San Diego), Lt. David Bavencoff (Sector San Diego), and Lt. Alex e lward (Sector San Diego). Sector San Diego hosts the Coast Guard IMAT team for Incident Command System Tabletop D.O.L. Personnel Support h urricane Matthew In support of Hurricane Matthew, the Director of Operational Logistics (DOL), with the assistance of CWO David Cota and Mr. Charlie Bartocci at the Pay and Personnel Center in Topeka, Kan., were given Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) privileges to stand up a temporary centralized SPO. This created a one-stop shop for processing SPO documents for the DCMS reservists recalled under Title 14 USC 712 for Hurricane Matthew. The DOL recalled four Reserve YNs -- two technicians and two auditors -- to work alongside the DOL-1 RFRS staff to provide exemplary customer service for all of the DCMS recalled reservists. This model was reviewed and considered a best practice for future contingencies to expedite order processing and reduce reserve orders error that may affect pay issues for our recalled reservists and delays in reporting. — Submitted by YNCM Melissa A. Sharer, Title 10 Cap Manager, Reserve Force Readiness (DOL-1) Members of the SP o team are: (standing left-right) R.T. Downs, Y n C Kimberly Donn (reserve), Lt. Cmdr. Gregory Peck, Capt. Jennifer Grzelak-Ledoux, Y n 2 Alvin Marracinni (reserve), Y n 2 Jill Willerding (reserve) and Roberta Lopez. Seated are: Y n CM Melissa Sharer, Y n 1 Candace Drakeford (reserve), Maureen Kallgren and Y n CS Tammy Floor. P e RS4 Raymond Dalton (not pictured). 12 RESERVIST � Issue 1 • 2017

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