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A s the 12th Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard – and in partnership with the 6th Coast Guard Reserve Force Master Chief, CGRF-MC Eric Johnson – I'm responsible for advising Coast Guard leaders and elected officials on workforce policies, and advocating for benefits and entitlements that affect our people. But, what does all that actually mean? Well, basically, CGRF-MC Johnson and I are here to serve you, the members of our workforce – to ensure your voices are heard, and to ensure you and your families have everything you need to continue to answer your nation's call. We're also both committed to ensuring that our policies, practices and procedures make sense to every single one of you. But, we need each of you to speak up when something doesn't seem right or there might be a better way to do it. "It's always been done that way" should never be justification to continue doing it that way. Also, lose the term "it is what it is," as it is counter to change. To the men and women of the Coast Guard Reserve, I want to say thank you for your commitment to excellence and your devotion to your nation, your service and your communities. Bravo Zulu to MK1 Wilton "Butch" Terry, the 2015 Enlisted Person of the Year – Reserve Component! MK1 Terry is the Boat Support Engineer in PSU 309's Engineering Division. He, along with his active-duty EPOY counterpart BM2 Evan Ward from CGC VALIANT, represent the best of the best of the enlisted workforce. There are a lot of policies that have recently come online that have the potential to greatly impact our Reserve workforce. We've doubled the maximum amount of authorized maternity leave for those members who are pregnant or may become pregnant. A recent ALCOAST formally established several important training benchmarks for our active- duty enlisted corps: the Senior Enlisted Leadership Course will now be mandatory for E-8s competing for E-9; the Chief Petty Officer Academy will be mandatory for E-6s above the cut for E-7; and the Apprentice Leadership Program will be a required component for all A-school classes. Due to differences in our administrative processes, members of our Reserve force will not likely see complete parity. But, we will soon be releasing some information on how these policies translate for reservists as we look for ways to provide access to the same opportunities. I'd also like to put in a plug for E-7s to continue to look for opportunities to participate in Chiefs Call to Indoctrination (CCTI). I've always been a huge advocate for the CCTI program, and as the Program Manager I can tell you that a lot of work continues to go into making each and every CCTI season better and more beneficial to the people who choose to go through it – and that includes incorporating Reserve E-7s whenever possible and being flexible with the schedule to allow for maximum participation. Earlier this year, we celebrated the Coast Guard Reserve's 75th anniversary. From the beaches of Normandy and Guadalcanal, to the Persian Gulf during OPERATIONS DESERT STORM and DESERT SHIELD, to New York City after Sept. 11th, to our coastal communities during hurricanes such as KATRINA, RITA and SANDY, our Coast Guard reservists have been ready. They have been ready to mobilize, ready to augment, ready to surge – ready to overcome whatever challenges they've faced. I've served alongside reservists for more than three decades and they have been among the most dedicated Coast Guardsmen I've ever known. Finally, I want to remind every one of you to be safe out there. Considering last year's terror attacks in Paris and this year's attacks in Belgium, it's clear that our enemies will continue their relentless assault on freedom and prosperity. It doesn't matter what you're doing: If you're deployed, keep your head on a swivel and let us know what more we can do to safeguard your families while you're gone; If you're drilling stateside, stay vigilant; Even if you're not drilling or deployed or otherwise wearing the uniform, remember that more is expected of you than the everyday civilian. Keep your eyes and ears open and join us in helping to keep our families, friends and coworkers from becoming victims. Thanks again for your service. I am proud to serve alongside each and every one of you. Semper Paratus. Master Chief Petty Offcer Steven W. Cantrell Master Chief Petty Offcer of the U.S. Coast Guard "I've served alongside reservists for more than three decades and they have been among the most dedicated Coast Guardsmen I've ever known." ReseRvist Magazine deckplate soundings Issue 2 • 2016 � RESERVIST 7

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