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RET-1 (Retired With Pay) DECEMBER 2015 ENG4 Norman C. Chapman OSS4 Robert C. Traylor MECM William D. Farrell YNCM David R. McCallum ETCS Charles S. VonHout, Jr. BMC Andrew P. Nadolny, III MKC Jeffrey L. DeLancey BM1 Robert D. Olsen JANUARY 2016 Capt. James B. Andrews Capt. James J. Corey Capt. Bruce R. McQueen Lt. Cmdr. David W. Fritz Lt. Mathew T. Bowlin, Sr. F&S4 John E. Queen MSSD4 Mark A. Razny ITCM James M. Renne BMCS David R. Lambirth MKC William J. Munch FS1 Michael R. Muksian IT1 Frederick J. Paris MK1 Manuel T. Montalvo BM2 Ursula L. Brisco BM2 Karl W. Messner MK2 Carlos G. Nieves MARCH 2016 Capt. Brion Fitzgerald Capt. Fred Remen Cmdr. Robert DeLetto Lt. Cmdr. Randall Adams BOSN4 Dixon Haun F&S3 Rachel Freeze CWO Thomas Curran MKCM Scott Huff MSTCM Roy Barger MECS Brian DeRousseau MKCS Jeffrey Christensen MKC Jerry Willhite MSTC Henry Cambre MSTC Jeffrey Chilson YNC Ruth Atkinson-Adams YNC John Williams BM1 Richard Brown BM1 Mary Maher BM1 John Manuto MK1 Jeffrey Klem MK1 Stepen Quinn OS1 Peter Hohn PS1 James Brabham YN1 Diane Fitzgibbon BM2 Scott Grill EM2 John Ufer YN2 Michael Giovannelli BM3 Richard Layton RET-2 (Retired Awaiting Pay) DECEMBER 2015 Capt. James S. Livingood Cmdr. Robert P. Gillan Lt. Cmdr. Kevin C. Baldwin Lt. Cmdr. Donna C. Cobb Lt. Cmdr. Dean F. Watts Lt. Timothy D. Howard BMCM Donald A. Zoll MKCM Scott D. Huff MKCS Michael R. O'Neill MKCS Marti W. Ratcliff ITC Brian A. Corona MK1 Jesse W. Seder OS3 Dewey A. Anderson JANUARY 2016 Cmdr. Paula Malone Lt. Cmdr. Ronald B. Sligh ISC Klaus R. Tobitsch ET1 Matthew A. Fanara YN1 Melinda A. Bruck BM3 Kevin J. LeTarte MARCH 2016 Cmdr. Eugene E. Piculee Lt. Teresa L. Wolf CWO Laura L. Horton BMC James D. Callesto MKC David C. Deming BM1 Kevin Anderson MK2 Daniel J. Rausch RetiReMents Reservist Recognized by Disney World On March 7, 2016, Lt. Cmdr. Roy E. Yarbrough, USCG Retired, was selected to be the Veteran of the Day at Disney World. Yarbrough, a Mustang, served in the Coast Guard from September 1970 to July 1995. Yarbrough currently works as a Full Professor at California Univ. of Pennsylvania in the Department of Sport Management Studies located in California, Pa. 58 RESERVIST � Issue 2 • 2016

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