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The Offce of Boat Forces congratulates the following graduates from the following courses. BZ to ALL!! RB-S Coxswain Intro Session #92: 04 JAN – 15 JAN 2016 BM3 Hannah McLaurin – Sta. Georgetown BM3 Luke Josey – Sta. Michigan City BM3 Blake Lee – Sta. Pensacola Session #93: 07 MAR – 18 MAR 2016 BM3 Travis Vondessonneck – Sta. Rio Vista RB-S Boat Crew Member Session #35: 22 FEB – 04 MAR 2016 MK2 John Colon – ANT Saugerties MK2 David Hornberger – ANT Saugerties ME2 Andrew Diaz – Sta. Georgetown ME1 Matthew Tirone – Sta. Monterey Session #36: 21 MAR – 04 APR 2016 MK3 Ralph Esposito – Sta. Sandy Hook ME2 Travis Major – Sta. Brunswick MK2 Dewayne Taylor – Sta. Cape Cod Canal ME1 John Malone – Sta. Cape May BM3 Jessie Yang – Sta. Fire Island Boarding Team Member Course 14 MAR – 25 MAR 2016 MK3 Ryan Dallavia – Sta. Buffalo SN William Shick – Sta. Elizabeth City BM3 Owen Rivera-Betancourt – Sta. Mayport BM3 Eric Williamson – Sta. New Haven BM3 Joseph Windt – Sta. Sandy Hook 04 JAN – 15 JAN 2016 BM3 Thomas Moore – Sta. Vallejo Boarding Offcer Practical Course 29 FEB – 11 MAR 2016 MK2 Matthew Boudreau – Sector Ohio Valley ICS – 339 Div/Group Supervisor BMC Bradley Dixon – Sta. Apra Harbor Marine Underwater Egress Training 08 MAR – 09 MAR 2016 MK2 John Colon – ANT Saugerties Initial Qualification Tactical BCM (TPSP32) 01 CGI SAR Fundamentals 01 Adult First Aid 14 Pass DWO Exam 02 Sig 229 Level III 12 M16 Level III 01 JUFE 03 CGBI Reports Link: The following certifications are reported in TMT for 2015: Competency No. Initial Qualification Boarding Officer 03 Initial Qualification BTM 02 Boarding Officer 02 Boarding Team Member 01 Currency Reserve Coxswain (RB-S) 01 Currency Reserve BCM (RB-S) 02 Initial Qualification BCM (RB-S) 02 Initial Qualification BCM (SPC-SW) 01 Initial Qualification BCM (TPSB32) 01 Reserve Boat Core Req. 03 Pass DWO Exam 01 Sig 229 Level III 07 M870 Level III 12 M16 Level III 13 JUFE 01 CGBI Reports Link: The numbers you mentioned in your letter do not line up with what is in TMT for 2014 or 2015. So, either data is not being entered into TMT properly or TMT is not communicating with CGBI. I am interested in hearing back if you can determine the issue at Station Philly as this could be CG-wide. The contingency RB-S Coxswain & BCM competencies were converted to Reserve Coxswain and BCM on 01 JAN 2014, and have the same competency code. So the above numbers do capture the old RB-S contingency competencies. It is true that qualifying as a coxswain is a requirement to advance to BM2. However, not all BM2's (or BM1's) have maintained currency and may not have been certified in 2014 or 2015. Therefore, "99% of all Reserve BM's in 2014 were E-4 or lower…" is not an accurate statement. Finally, I truly appreciate your letter which assists this office in checking on the validity of the data in CGBI. This allows for the opportunity to find issues with how boat crew certification information is compiled. The intent of this article was to illustrate the dedication and professionalism of the Boat Forces Reserve both in the past and currently. The Office of Boat Forces depends on accurate data to plan for and respond to contingencies. The time you took to point out the discrepancies you are aware of is appreciated and benefits the entire organization. Respectfully, Don Hartmayer Office of Boat Forces (CG-731) The following courses still have quotas available in 2016. RB-S Boat Crew Member Course #502420 Start date Quotas remaining 09 MAY 2016 6 11 JULY 2016 6 08 AUG 2016 7 RB-S Coxswain Intro Course #502127 23 MAY 2016 4 20 JUN 2016 9 25 JULY 2016 6 22 AUG 2016 10 19 SEP 2016 11 RB-M Operator Course #502469 13 JUN 2016 7 11 JULY 2016 6 01 AUG 2016 8 22 AUG 2016 6 19 SEP 2016 8 Issue 2 • 2016 � RESERVIST 51

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