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Piculell's experiences with the old-timers taught him many valuable skills and beliefs. Above everything learned and experienced in the Coast Guard, Piculell said his greatest lesson became discipline. "I learned to take orders, accept what I couldn't change and to work with others. You see, because with teamwork there is success." During his nine duty stations in the Coast Guard, Piculell became eager to learn the traditions and history behind the service he adores. "I did my homework when I was in the Guard, too," said Piculell. "I taught myself a lot. It was in my nature." Being a part of an organization with so much history intrigued Piculell and made him realize his passion for learning, guiding him to earn his college degree. "I'm proud to be a Coastie, I really am," Piculell said with a stern look. "People would say, 'well what did you do?' I would say, 'I'm a lifesaver not a life taker.' I believe that very strongly." Throughout Piculell's 22 years in the Coast Guard Reserve and four years active duty as a boatswain's mate, he tied many knots, navigated his crew through countless storms and made tough decisions to save lives. However, he also did what many boatswains' mates had not. He has devoted a part of himself to creating poetry. "I wrote my first poem when I got my first and only Dear John letter, and believe me I was happy to get it," he said holding a bound copy of poems he composed throughout the years. "That's how I started writing poetry, because of her." As time went on and his passion for the service grew he continued to write. Pride, love and loyalty for the service envelop the themes throughout his poetry. Every line of each poem demonstrates the passion Piculell developed for the Coast Guard. One-third of Piculell's life was devoted to the Coast Guard, learning from those before him and living in each experience as it happened. Although, he is no longer in the Coast Guard, he remains just as passionate now as ever. Piculell said he hopes those current and future Coast Guardsmen who read his poetry will be inspired to learn the history, educate those after them, passing along the traditions that have stayed within the service long before he donned the uniform so many years ago. � He... He… Never was Meant to be a fighting man Not to hold a gun in his hand He… Never was A warrior though he went to war For love of his country upon a foreign shore He… Never was A fearless man though he placed his life in harm's way To serve his fellow man bound to a watery grave He… Never was Much for talking of how good he had to be For he was much too busy being the unsung hero He was meant to be. — Edward Piculell Piculell stands at the entrance to Sankaty Head Lighthouse on nantucket island, Massachusets. Piculell maintained the lighhouse during his frst assignment in the Coast guard, and the lighthouse still maintains a special place in his heart. Issue 2 • 2016 � RESERVIST 43

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