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To the Editor: Sometimes looking back is a good thing. Such was the case in the article "Not Forgotten" (Issue 1, 2016), recognizing Cmdr. Anthony Kranitz's patriotic service to our country during Operation Desert Shield. I hope he hears the roar of applause, good will and wishes from those sailors who know him but were not present. We Salute you! YN2 Gary L. Shaw, USCGR (ret.) To the Editor: I was so pleased to see the story in this issue (Issue 1, 2016) on LCI 85 and their heroic actions on June 6, 1944. Late in his life, I had the good fortune to meet and friend BM2 Elmer Carmichael who is pictured kneeling and holding the line on the deck bit of the 85 alongside the USS Samuel Chase as wounded and dead are off loaded. Elmer passed away in 2011, at the age of 90, but visitors to the WWII Museum in New Orleans can see his combat helmet that he donated to the museum when it opened. I have had the great fortune to meet a number of WWII Coast Guard veterans and in 2015, finally stand on Omaha and Utah Beach in France. Hearing Elmer's story of the 85's exploits through Sicily, Italy, and D-Day remains such an honor. He was so very proud of the small part he played in the Longest Day. Nicely done story, BZ! Cmdr. Ken Hines, USCGR (ret.) To the Editor: Great interview with the Commandant! This edition (Issue 1, 2016) of the magazine is especially good. Thanks for the read. Very respectfully, ETCS Terrance A. Mayweather To the Editor: I read the above article (Issue 1, 2016, Page 62) with interest, of sorts. However, I don't know who the admiral presented the award to. I would assume the author got the award, but could only guess. Now the second problem is that the admiral presented the Coast Guard Foundation Elizabeth Freidman Award for best contribution to U.S. Homeland Security. Well, I think they should research Mrs. Elizebeth Friedman's background and the correct spelling of her first name. Mrs. Friedman was born Elizebeth Smith, her mother did not want her know as "Eliza." I add that you and the foundation can go to the National Security Agency website and research their article on her. Also for the next issue you might consider an addendum to the above article and educate the readers on who she was and why the Coast Guard Foundation has an award named after her. PS1 Patrick Kerrigan, USCGR (ret.) editor's note: PS1, Thank you for your letter. The person receiving the award was Dr. Amy Kardell. Dr. Kardell accepted the award on the behalf Major Erik Scharwz who was unable to attend the ceremony. Also, thanks for the background on Mrs. Friedman's first name. Volume LXIII � Issue 1 • 2016 THE CORNERSTONE OF THE COAST GUARD RESERVE SINCE THE BEGINNING. CELEBRATING 75 YEARS OF SERVICE: FIRST OF FOUR COMMEMORATIVE POSTERS INSIDE NATIONAL DEFENSE ReseRvist Magazine FRoM ouR ReadeRs Coast Guard Mutual Assistance "We Look After Our Own" THE COAST GUARD'S OWN FINANCIAL RELIEF ORGANIZATION Whether responding to a natural disaster or meeting the many individual needs that arise on a daily basis, Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) stands ready to support the Coast Guard Reserve community. Last year, CGMA provided more than 4,400 loans and grants totaling over $3.4 million to Coast Guard families in need. Coast Guard Reserve members received over $158,177.11 in assistance. COAST GUARD PEOPLE HELPING COAST GUARD PEOPLE As an independent non-proft organization, CGMA receives no government funds. All support comes from the voluntary contributions of people like you—the men and women of the Coast Guard who give generously to help their shipmates. Only with a steady infusion of funds can CGMA remain strong and ready to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Your tax deductible contribution plays a key role in equipping CGMA for the future. CGMA has been helping Coast Guard individuals and families for over 91 years. Please consider how you will support CGMA this year. • Make a secure credit card donation online: click 'Donate Now' • Mail your contribution to: Coast Guard Mutual Assistance PO Box 55928 Boston, MA 02205-9805 • Visit or call (800) 881-2462 to fnd out more about CGMA programs, resources, and assistance. If you find yourself in need of assistance, do reach out.

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