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Reservist's Job Success Opens Doors for Veterans Coast Guard reservist Kim Hobert has had an eclectic career. She's been a mountain guide in South America, a teacher in Colorado, rafting guide in Montana, and a first responder for FEMA in Hawaii. Hobert, who served for five years in the Coast Guard on active duty as an Operations Specialist, has been in the Reserve since 2009. She is currently a Logistics Deputy Officer, managing 25 reservists in the areas of administration, procurement and health services. Three years ago, Hobert moved to Tampa, Fla., from Hawaii when her husband (an Army reservist) accepted a position as a police officer there. A friend recommended she apply for a job selling payment processing services at a company called Sterling Payment Technologies. Most people with no sales experience would have moved on to more familiar territory but Hobert believed she was uniquely qualified for the position. "Sales is all about building relationships," she said. "I've worked in a variety of situations with all types of people and I believed that would serve me well in sales." Hobert convinced the sales executives at Sterling, landed the job and has proven to be one of the company's top performers. "Kim is successful because she builds rapport with people quickly," said Gary Staub, chief sales and marketing officer for Sterling. "She is also very organized and in constant motion. Some of those skills are innate, but they come equally from her military training. She can also handle multiple opportunities at one time, which is a talent we love to see." Staub is also impressed with Kim's ability to present technical information in an easy-to-understand way. "Kim understands our products and services, but more importantly she finds a way to explain complex subjects in a way that's reassuring to our sales partners and prospective merchants," he said. "With Kim, they know they're in good hands." Company Accommodates Reservists Prior to Kim's joining the staff of Sterling Payment Technologies, the company didn't have any written policies about Reserve duty. The company now has implemented a policy that dictates reservists receive a pay differential when they are on duty. "Sterling is extra accommodating about my Reserve duties," Hobert said. "They have a comp plan in place when I'm gone and together we have developed a contingency plan so my customers are taken care of when I'm away, whether that's for two days, two months or longer." In fact, Staub says, Sterling is making an effort to hire more reservists and veterans. "We found a gem in Kim," he said. "The work ethic she brought to our organization and the skills she learned from the Coast Guard have helped her be successful in her new career." Staub added that, "We'll continue to look at opportunities to bring on military employees because we believe in supporting their transition back into society and we also know they are highly trained and add great value to our team." "Being in the Coast Guard and the Reserve has helped me be successful in this job," Hobert said. "I'm proud that I've been able to show that Sterling needs to seek out more reservists and veterans to hire." Gary Staub encourages military Veterans and Reservists interested in a career in the payments industry to contact Sterling's Human Resources Department. There are opportunities in sales, IT, technical support, client services, product development, risk management and more. Visit to learn more about Sterling and see a list of current openings. — Submitted by Ms. Trish Pierce gary Staub and Kim Hobert at Sterling Payment Technologies. Hobert, a former mountain guide, is pictured here in South america. Issue 2 • 2016 � RESERVIST 13

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