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San Francisco Based Coast Guard Port Security Unit 312 Earns the Coast Guard Unit Commendation Award. Coast Guard Port Security Unit (PSU) 312, based in San Francisco, is proud to announce the earning of the Coast Guard Unit Commendation award. The Coast Guard Unit Commendation is the highest peacetime unit award that may be awarded to military commands of the U. S. Coast Guard. The decoration was first created in 1963, and is presented to members of any Coast Guard unit that distinguishes itself by valorous or extremely meritorious service in support of Coast Guard operations. Port Security Unit 312 is comprised of 133 Selected Reserve and six active duty personnel, accounting for 12% of the 1,115 reservists billeted in the state of California. PSU 312 is an expeditionary warfare unit specializing in maritime anti-terrorism/force protection and port security in support of military or humanitarian operations worldwide. PSU 312 maintains garrison facilities as a tenant command of Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco. From September of 2013, to April of 2015, PSU 312 successfully deployed two-thirds of its personnel in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as the Maritime Security Detachment (MARSECDET) for Joint Task Force, Guantanamo (JTF-GTMO). PSU 312 completed the arduous nine-month deployment to JTF-GTMO with operational excellence. The unit provided Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection for the JTF and Nava l Station Guantanamo (NAVSTA-GTMO) areas of responsibility, maintaining a continuous 24/7 underway, maritime security watch. PSU 312 provided secure, expedited fast boat transportation for over 3,000 Distinguished Visitors to include flag officers, congressional, and foreign delegations. PSU 312 successfully executed extensive maritime security for numerous Detainee Movement Operations as well as hundreds of hours of critical security for the 9/11, al Nashiri, and al-Iraqi hearings and arraignments essential to the JTF-GTMO mission. PSU 312 led strategic initiatives to improve interoperability and maritime security in the JTF GTMO AOR. PSU 312 was a driving force behind initiating the JTF-GTMO Joint Rules of Engagement (ROE) working group integrating maritime, land, and detainee requirements into an all-inclusive JTF ROE. PSU 312 officers served as the maritime lead for the first comprehensive area of responsibility (AOR) threat assessment since 2003. Furthermore, PSU 312 initiated and executed extensive training for joint services responsible for maritime defense at both NAVSTA and JTF-GTMO. This interoperability training included developing Army shoreline defensive fighting posit ions, joint operations with NAVSTA security forces, such as SAR and maritime interception, and developing an extensive maritime defense training exercise enhancing interoperability between the Coast Guard, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. Additionally, PSU 312 provided logistical and operational support for interagency partner s, such as the FBI, NCIS and DEA, as well as Coast Guard assets conducting law enforcement and migrant interdiction missions in the area. PSU 312 conducted hundreds of hours of MEDEVAC training, tactical insertions and extractions with the Marine Corps Security Force Company (MCSFCO), providing a critical resource as part of the AT/FP partnership, while enhancing the tactical expertise of Coast Guard boat crews. This interoperability was essential to successful MEDEVACs of severely injured/ill Marines throughout the deployment. PSU 312 also provided traditional Coast Guard search and rescue (SAR) expertise to JTF-GTMO acting as the on- scene commander for four SAR cases and the two-day search and recovery of a deceased NAVSTA civilian. PSU 312 coordinated extensively with JTF and N AVSTA-GTMO while leveraging Coast Guard capabilities and assets to conduct improvement projects worth over $500,000 ensuring long term sustainability of the Coast Guard mission to JTF-GTMO. Concurrent to the deployment, PSU 3 12 maximized the opportunity for unit members to support ongoing CG missions. Unit personnel assisted other PSU 's in mobilization and demobilization requirements, as well as developing comprehensive logistics, administrative, and load planning guidelines and SOPs for future DSF community OCONUS deployments. Members of PSU 312 Shore Security division adapted their expertise with entry control points and camp security to the domestic arena as members of the North Pacific Coast Guard Forum Support Team. Through developing and staffing force protection details for delegates from Russia, China, Japan, and South Korea attending the multi-lateral regional cooperative forum, they directly contributed to the safety of all participants. Additional members supported other joint training initiatives in the DoD Southern Command AOR through TRADEWINDS 20 14, where they excelled as instructors and subject matter experts in maritime threat response and interdiction tactics, promoting interoperability and multinational relationships between the U .S. and 13 Caribbean nations. Finally, PSU 312 demonstrated an ongoing commitment to professional development of its personnel both deployed and in garrison, advancing or promoting over 25 percent of the unit in less than one year, while certifying tactical coxswains, tactical crewmen, boat engineers, fire team leaders and members, and Boat Forces and PSU pin qualifications. PSU 312's dedication to the Coast Guard' s Core Values were also evident in the many Good Conduct awards and Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medals, indicative of a unit-level commitment to community and professional ism including participation in events such as National Night Out, Trunk or Treat, Run to Remember, and many others. — Story by Lt. Donnie Brzuska, Public Affairs Officer, Pacific Area Issue 2 • 2016 � RESERVIST 9

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